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Katrina Law Promoted to Series Regular for ‘NCIS’ Season 19

It’s official, Katrina will be returning in the next season of NCIS as a series regular! Her promotion was already a possibility after the announcement of her guest-star appearance. Congratulations to Katrina! Looking forward to more kick-ass moments of Jessica Knight.

DEADLINE – CBS’ venerable drama series NCIS is adding two new series regular cast members for the upcoming 19th season, Gary Cole and Katrina Law.

Cole will play a new character, FBI Special Agent Alden Park. Law plays Special Agent Jessica Knight. She was introduced in the last two episodes of Season 18 as a recurring guest star with an option to become a series regular if the show got renewed, which it did. Knight is a formidable REACT (Regional Enforcement Action Capabilities Training Team) agent who specializes in hostage negotiations and handles daily high-risk operations with skill and precision. Sharp, athletic and tough, she is fiercely tenacious and with a wry sense of humor.

Law’s promotion follows the recent exit of longtime series regular Emily Wickersham. She and Cole are joining NCIS as broadcast’s most watched scripted series is preparing to leave its Tuesday 8 PM slot for the first time to relocate to Monday in the fall.

“We haven’t shot a single frame quite yet, but with the addition of Gary Cole and Katrina Law to the cast, this is already shaping up to be one of the best seasons yet,” NCIS executive producer/showrunner Steven D. Binder said. “Going into season 19, we are excited to have new characters and stories to tell that adds to and reenergizes the world we’ve come to love over the 400+ episodes.”

‘NCIS’ 18.15 ‘Blown Away’ Stills
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‘NCIS’ 18.15 ‘Blown Away’ Stills

Katrina is set to make her debut as NCIS REACT Special Agent Jessica Knight in the penultimate episode of Season 18 of NCIS! Check out the official stills in our gallery and the episode synopsis below. The episode airs May 18th on CBS.

When members of an NCIS Regional Enforcement Action Capabilities Training Team (REACT) are killed during an explosion, NCIS Special Agent Jessica Knight, the lone surviving member, helps crack the case using high tech body armor.

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Katrina Law Joins CBS’ ‘NCIS’

Katrina has joined the latest season of CBS’ NCIS series! It’s for a recurring role for now, but it’s possible she may be upgraded to series regular should the show continue for another season.

DEADLINE – Law will play NCIS REACT Special Agent Jessica Knight, a formidable REACT Team agent who specializes in hostage negotiations and handles daily high-risk operations with skill and precision. Sharp, athletic and tough, she was raised by a single mother and had to fight for everything in life and is damn good at it. Fiercely tenacious and with a wry sense of humor, Jessica is married to a stay-at-home dad who is raising their infant son.

Law’s story arc will cross over the last two episodes of the current 18th season. She is recurring, with an option for series regular next season if the series is renewed.

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Katrina Law on ‘Christmas with the Darlings’ Romances

Katrina spoke with TV Insider to discuss her new holiday-themed movie, Christmas with the Darlings. Don’t miss it tomorrow, November 8th 8/7c on Hallmark Channel!

Katrina Law (Arrow, Hawaii Five-0) is back on Hallmark for her third movie, Christmas With the Darlings, Sunday’s offering for this year’s “Countdown to Christmas” event.

It’s her second for the network written by her sister-in-law, Tracy Andreen (the first was 2013’s Snow Bride), but their relationship is not why Law loves working with her. “I personally love my sister-in-law regardless of whether I was related to her or not,” Law tells TV Insider. “I think she’s brilliant, I think she’s talented, and I think she writes really fun, creative, heartwarming, funny stories. And to be part of it and to know she trusted me with her second movie was an honor. And to know Hallmark trusted me with a third movie was even more of an honor.”

In this film, Law stars as Jessica Lew, the executive assistant to Darlington Corporation’s CEO, Charles Darlington (Steve Bacic). She’s put in her two weeks’ notice, with plans to continue working for the company as a lawyer.

“There’s a lot of mutual respect [there],” she says. But “one of the best qualities about Jessica, and also the same quality that holds her back a lot, is her loyalty. She’s so loyal and so grateful to Charles Darlington and the Darlington Corporation because not only do they provide her with an amazing job and an amazing work atmosphere, they allowed her to go to law school and finish up her degree as she was working within the company.”

So for her, Charles is “a mix between mentor, amazing boss, father figure, [and] older brother,” whereas his younger brother Max (Carlo Marks), at first, comes across as “the charming, annoying brother.” But as she’ll soon learn, that’s not the case. (Cue the romance!)

Because when she learns that Charles’ orphaned nieces and nephew are going to spend the holidays at boarding school, she volunteers to watch them to ensure they “have a great Christmas,” Law says, and Max joins her. Then, the man she “has a fondness for” but who seemed to be “very unreliable” — Jessica’s reaction when he volunteers to help says it all — becomes “an absolutely wonderful uncle and is 100 percent in this project with her to create a great Christmas for these children.”

Throughout the movie, Jessica learns more about who Max really is, “which is this super-sensitive, vulnerable guy who really wants to be more responsible than what he’s perceived as,” Law says. The two of them help bring each other to the middle — with Jessica more Type A and Max more spontaneous.

“It’s really lovely to see them interacting and compromising with each other, but doing it in a fun and loving way that ends up being quite wonderful for the children in the long run. And, he helps her to realize the joy in spontaneity,” she adds.

The other key relationship in Jessica’s life is that with her best friend, Zoe (Morgana Wyllie). Jessica enjoys playing matchmaker for her with the barista, Kate (Quinnie Vu), who’s clearly interested. Jessica thinks Zoe is “the world’s greatest catch,” Law says. “She’s smart, she’s beautiful, she’s confident. She is sensitive, warm, loving, open, a very successful surgeon, and yet, somehow, still so insecure and awkward at the same time, especially when it comes to dating and putting herself out there.”

Fortunately, Zoe has a best friend who looks out for her. Jessica thinks that with “Kate, who’s nothing but adorable, the two of them will end up being a great relationship,” Law adds. “By the end of the story, I think I’m right.”

Gallery Update: ‘Hawaii Five-0’ Stills & Screencaps
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Gallery Update: ‘Hawaii Five-0’ Stills & Screencaps

Sorry for falling way behind on the updates, I have finally updated the Hawaii Five-0 stills and screencaps section of the gallery, including the Magnum P.I. crossover. I also added stills from the upcoming series finale. There’s only two episodes left for the series, don’t miss it!

Television Projects > Main & Recurring > Hawaii Five-0 (2019–) > Season 10 > Episode Stills
Television Projects > Main & Recurring > Hawaii Five-0 (2019–) > Season 10 > Screencaps
Television Projects > Guest Appearances > Magnum P.I. (2020)
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Hawaii Five-0’s Katrina Law Teases Quinn’s Secret and an Emotional Series Finale

Katrina did an interview with TVLine about what’s ahead of Quinn and the series finale.

TVLINE | What is Quinn up to this week?
We find out that Quinn, in her former life, before Five-0, was married, and in this episode, her former stepdaughter (played by Siena Agudong) reaches out to her to help her, because her father/my ex-husband has gone missing.

TVLINE | What other sorts things are we going to learn along the way about Quinn’s past?
Well, we’re going to learn a bit more about Quinn and her relationship with her father, and why this marriage may not have worked out and the driving force of basically why Quinn became Five-0 and the reason why her personality was shaped. And you will also get to see her love for her stepdaughter.

TVLINE | Who from the team will Quinn enlist in searching for her ex?
You know, out of all the people that she reaches out to, she decides to reach out to Adam—

TVLINE | No way! He’s been a bit of a no-goodnik lately.
Yeah, Ian [Anthony Dale] and I were laughing about that. I think it’s because the two of them maybe have a bit of a sordid past, so she trusts that he will keep her secret, that he will go along with the ride with no judgments and basically be a great ally to her. This is pretty personal journey for her.

TVLINE | Will this investigation require any gunplay, any heroics, any action/leaping/jumping?
Maybe some smacking some sense into people, but… [Laughs]

You can read the full interview at TVLine.

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‘Hawaii Five-0’ to End After 10 Seasons on CBS

A sad news has been announced today, the current season of Hawaii Five-O will serve as its final one. The show will wrap-up its 10-season run with a two-hour series finale on April 3rd.

CBS – HAWAII FIVE-0, the popular Friday night crime drama, will conclude its successful 10-season run with a two-hour series finale, Friday, April 3 (8:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. The drama, a reimagining of Leonard Freeman’s classic series, “Hawaii Five-O,” has been an outstanding performer throughout the past decade, both domestically and internationally, where it has been seen in more than 200 countries.

“It’s never easy to say goodbye to a hit franchise that carried on the legacy of the original with such distinction, while establishing its own signature style,” said Kelly Kahl, President, CBS Entertainment. “From episode one, HAWAII FIVE-0 has been a huge success for us. Thanks to the amazing talents of the producers, writers, cast and crew, it has played a key role for a decade on our schedule and helped establish our powerhouse Friday night. We cannot be prouder of its quality and longevity and are thankful for the passionate fan devotion it inspired.”

“For 10 seasons, Alex, Scott and the rest of the talented FIVE-0 cast have brought fans exciting adventures in a spectacular tropical paradise,” said David Stapf, President, CBS Television Studios. “We specifically want to thank Peter and the incredibly talented production team for 10 years of consistently outstanding television. The drama has been a great success for the Studio and Network, and as a global franchise for our company. We’re pleased to give it a big sendoff and that viewers will have the opportunity to say goodbye to their favorite characters as the final season wraps.”

“HAWAII FIVE-0 has been such a blessing to me and all of the people who have worked on this incredible show,” said Peter M. Lenkov, Executive Producer. “I truly learned the meaning of ‘ohana’ as the viewers embraced us and the people of Hawaii welcomed us with the privilege to film on their shores. I am forever indebted to the creative genius that was Leonard Freeman who gave us such a beautiful story to begin with. And my eternal gratitude to our cast, led by our hero Alex O’Loughlin, the writers, the production team, our CBS ohana, and most importantly YOU, the fans, who allowed us to come to work with pride and made our series such a success. Mahalo.”

“This show has been pretty much every waking moment for the last 10 years of my life,” said series star Alex O’Loughlin. “Everywhere I go on this planet, in every language, I am McGarrett to all these people. What we’ve done, what we’ve accomplished, it’s extraordinary. I can’t really put words to express my level of gratitude. I’m just glad to have been a part of this, a part of history, and I’m going to miss it. And to the fans, I don’t know how to thank you guys. Thank you for following us the way you have. I’m going to miss you. Aloha.”

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‘Hawaii Five-0’ & ‘Magnum P.I.’ Crossover Set for January

CBS’ shows, Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum P.I., are set for a full-on crossover on January 03, 2020 in back-to-back episodes!

TVLINE – TVLine has learned that a full-on crossover between CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum P.I. is officially happening, on Friday, Jan. 3, 2020 in back-to-back episodes.

In fact, showrunner Peter M. Lenkov tells us that the Magnum half of the crossover has already completed filming, and the Five-0 half is nearly done.

Though this merging of the Aloha State-based procedurals did not come to fruition during Magnum‘s freshman run, as initially hoped, Lenkov had told TVLine over the summer that he was resolved to making it happen this TV season. Weeks later, he updated us, “We have narrowed down a story.”

That story will find “our Five-0 guys kicking down doors” to track down a POI at a hotel — unaware that private eyes Thomas Magnum and Juliet Higgins are surveilling the same room. “In a way, Higgins and Magnum become witnesses that Five-0 needs to help them,” says Lenkov. “And our two worlds collide!”

Specifically, Magnum, Higgins, TC and Rick (played by Jay Hernandez, Perdita Weeks, Stephen Hill and Zachary Knighton) will appear in that Friday’s Five-0 episode alongside McGarrett & Co., after which Five-0‘s Junior, Tani and Quinn (played by Beulah Koale , Meaghan Rath and Katrina Law) will continue on to Magnum P.I.

“It’s a big-stakes story that really feels like a two-hour movie,” says Lenkov. And while the series’ showrunner feared he would have a hard time convincing Magnum‘s much smaller cast that the “double-ups” (filming two episodes at once) were worth it, “That was not an issue at all.”